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Poltrona Frau

Poltrona Frau

Although the Italian Poltrona Frau started with the manual production of leather armchairs, today the brand created by the Sardinian Renzo Frau has upholstered and wooden furniture as well as accessories in its collection. One thing has not changed – Poltrona Frau is synonymous with the highest quality, excellent design and unique products straight from Turin. The brand is also known for the fact that it has been cooperating with Ferrari for many years now, sewing seats and all leather elements for these supercars – that’s why the Poltrona Frau logo is placed on each Ferrari seat.

Poltrona means armchair

The history of this Italian brand begins in 1912. It was then that Renzo Frau founded his armchair factory in Turin. The name of the company is a combination of the Italian word “armchair” (poltrona) and the name of the founder. At the beginning, the newly founded manufactory dealt with the production of exclusive armchairs – in 1930 the first legendary piece of furniture was created, ie. the “904” armchair, which was later named Vanity Fair.
But the fame of Poltron Frau had been growing for some time – in 1926 the company became the official furniture supplier to the Italian royal family of the Savoy dynasty, equipped the expo in Turin in 1928 with furniture and provided furniture for the ocean liner Rex, the pride of the Italian navy.
Where did the great success of a small upholstered furniture factory come from? It is a combination of quality, manufacturing process and bold projects. These features are best seen on the example of the furniture that has been produced for the longest time, i.e. the armchair. Ergonomic, fitted to the human body, functional, covered with perfectly tanned and extremely pleasant to the touch Pelle Frau leather, those hand-finished armchairs are like small works of art.

Over 100 years of tradition, quality and design

Just like 100 years ago, today Poltrona Frau focuses primarily on quality and – as the company says about itself – it is painfully boring and predictable in this respect. In this sense, the brand is held hostage to its success – this quality is something that customers expect, and the company never disappoints them. It even created the Leathership concept, which shows how important it is to be a leader in the field of quality leather products.
It is worth mentioning here that in its furniture Poltrona Frau uses the patented “Pelle Frau” leather, which, in order to gain its world-famous properties, undergoes as many as 21 tanning stages!
At Poltrona Frau, tradition does not in any way contradict progress: the latest technologies, the world’s best designers, avant-garde ideas – all this can be found in the furniture of this top Italian manufacturer. And this despite the fact that to this day 95 percent of its furniture is created by hand.
Poltrona Frau products are always of the highest quality, appreciated by even the most demanding customers. Apart from armchairs, the company also offers beds, pouffes, shelves, tables, desks, conference furniture, lamps, sofas and cabinets. The Italian brand has come a long way from the manufacturer of leather armchairs as well as car armchairs and sofas to the position it occupies today as one of the leaders among manufacturers of luxury furniture for exclusive interiors.

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