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Luxurious interior finishing is a service whose popularity in Poland is growing every year. More and more people can afford to buy a unique apartment or house with potential, but the purchase confirmed by a notarial deed is just the beginning of the road. Usually, the next step is to arrange the interior in such a way that it fits perfectly with the new owners.

As businessmen who have been working with the most demanding clients for years, we know very well that it is most convenient to commission an exclusive finish to an apartment or residence to someone who has the knowledge, contacts and resources to perform such a task from A to Z. To someone like us!

cohen gallery 10 1Who we are?

S&D Design is a concept behind two real estate enthusiasts: designer Sergey Kowalenko and luxury real estate broker Dariusz Przewocki.

Sergey is a designer present on the market for 25 years; his CV includes projects in, among others, New York, Dubai and Moscow. He owns the Coquille company, designs luxurious interiors, and creates his own collections of bathroom furniture and lighting.

Darek is a premium real estate broker and the owner of operating in Poland and abroad since 2007. From the beginning of his professional career he has dealt with expensive and luxurious apartments and residences. Darek also fulfills himself as the author of the MrLuxury,blog, where he publishes information from the world of luxury.

Each of us has been successfully operating in our industry for years. Each of us brings something different, but only together we are able to create a new quality on the market of luxury arrangement of flats, apartments and houses. We have carefully accumulated our experience, knowledge and know-how for a long time and now we are ready to fulfill even the most demanding wishes of our customers.

Showroom in Wilanów – the only such place in Warsaw

When we joined forces some time ago, we knew that we wanted to create a place that has never existed before. Our showroom was to feature top global brands creating luxurious furniture and accessories for exclusive interiors. That is why we have established cooperation with Visionnaire, Shake Design, SCIC, Fendi Cucine, Milldue, Devon & Devon, Longhi and Poltrona Frau. It is the absolute crème de la crème in the world of interior design and the best Made in Italy design.

In our showroom you can see or order practically everything that can be used to finish your property: furniture, fittings, ceramics, carpets, fabrics, floors, wallpapers, lighting, kitchens… everything. We also provide a full interior design service in the VIP version.

A turnkey service for the most demanding customers

We want our customers to be able not only to order furniture from us, but also the entire luxury finishing service in its premium version. This means that we accompany them at every stage of their journey towards a new space arranged in such a way as to respond to their needs.

At the beginning, we meet to find out about our client’s needs, see the design of the apartment or house; we also set a budget. The next step is to prepare a set of inspirations (i.e. a moodboard) that helps us outline the general character of the interior.

When the client accepts our solutions, we prepare designs for each room (finishing materials, furniture, lighting, ceramics, fittings, accessories, etc.), we budget them and create a schedule. We can offer innovative smart home solutions to fans of technological innovations.

We also supervise the execution of the whole project by our own teams of skilled workforce. The customer only has to accept the final effect and enjoy the unique interior.

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